Support For Microsoft

Techsupport Xpert has a team of experts who are Certified Engineers in trouble shooting for Various Microsoft Products. These experts are Specialists in fixing almost all Versions of Windows, Software and Various Microsoft Application Development Products.

Our technicians will keep on updating their Skills as per the latest Version Released by the Microsoft to Server you in a better way. You turn up with any Problem related to the Microsoft we have the ultimate Solution.

Advantage Of Our Services
  1. Registry repair
  2. Provide High Computer Security
  3. Troubleshoot Firewall and Windows Defender
  4. Set Windows graphics.
  5. Updating System Drivers
  6. Updating Windows Operating System
  7. Increase System Virtual Memory
  8. Performing Clean-Up To Clean Pre Fetch Files
  9. Complete Optimization Of Computer
  10. Cookies Cleaning
  11. Increasing Computer Performance

The following are the few most common Microsoft Products which we deal for

Windows Operating System
  1. Windows RT
  2. Windows 8/8.1
  3. Windows 7
  4. Windows Vista
  5. Windows XP
  6. Windows Media Center
  7. Windows ME
  8. Windows 2000
  9. Windows 98 provides you the best service at attractive prices. Just call 1-845-709-033 to get the Expert Advice at free of cost for all your queries.

Internet Explorer and MSN
  1. Internet Explorer 10
  2. Internet Explorer 9
  3. Internet Explorer 8
  4. Internet Explorer 7
  5. Internet Explorer 6
  6. MSN

Microsoft office
  1. Office 2013
  2. Office 2010
  3. Office 365
  4. Office Web apps
  5. Office 2007
  6. Office 2003
  7. Office XP

Windows Mail / Live Mail
  1. Windows Mail
  2. Windows Live Mail v12
  3. Windows Live Mail v2009
  4. Windows Live Mail v2010
  5. Windows Live Mail v2011
  6. Windows Live Mail v2012

We do Support various Microsoft Development Software Kits like
  1. Microsoft Visual Basic
  2. Microsoft Visio
  3. Microsoft Robotics Developer Studio
  4. Microsoft .Net
  5. Microsoft C#
  6. Microsoft C++
  7. Microsoft C

We do give Support for Microsoft Security tools like
  1. Microsoft Security Essentials
  2. Windows Fire Wall
  3. Microsoft Security Compliance Manager

If you are confused to go for the selecting the version of Windows, Just call the Experts at 1-845-709-033 and give us requirements. We are here to suggest as per your needs.

Disclaimer:-We are an independent service provider of on demand remote tech support and aren't affiliated to any third party brand (including but not limited to dell, HP, Lenovo, AOL, Microsoft, Toshiba, Apple, Norton or any other antivirus or any other brand in computers or like devices or related accessories or any brand of electronic or technical company). we tend to as associate independent service provider, offer remote tech support for third party products with numerous brand names. Any use of third party trademarks, brand names, product and service is merely denotive and we herewith disclaim any support, affiliation or endorsement by any such third party.