Support For EMAIL

Electronic mail, also used as email or e-mail is an advanced Support team in troubleshooting the Email problem. We can help you in configuring all the email accounts creation and also in configuring the webmail into your preferable mailing software.

Here are the most commonly resolved email problems by our Experts
  1. Locating pst files
  2. Repair corrupted pst files
  3. Recover deleted pst files
  4. Backup and restore pst file
  5. Setup a new pst

Web Based Email

These are the most commonly used email services in the present life style. Some of the companies offer these services for free and some companies offer paid services. Here are few off the most common and latest Web Based Email Services.

  1. Gmail
  2. Yahoo
  3. Outlook
  4. Zoho
  5. Hotmail
  6. MSN
  7. Hush Mail
  8. AOL
  9. GMX
  12. Lycos mail
  13. Fast Mail

For Apple Products like iPhone’s and Mac user icloud is the most commonly used email service.


POP3 and IMAP are protocols that are used as alternatives for the web based servers. But these servers require software to transmit and receive the emails. The following are the few most popular pop3 and imap supported emailing software’s supported by

  1. Incredible Mail
  2. Ms Office Outlook
  3. Mozilla Thunder Bird
  4. Opera Mail
  5. Windows Live Mail
  6. Pegasus Mail
  7. Dream Mail
  8. Em Client
  9. Fox Mail
  10. Post Box Express
  11. Mulberry

If you are confused to go for the selecting the best software as per your requirement, just call the Experts at 1-845-709-033 and give us requirements. We are here to suggest as per your needs.

Advantages of services from TechSupport Xpert

Our team of experts will give support using the most advanced tools and also will help you in choosing the correct one as per your requirement.

Here are the most commonly resolved email problems by our Experts
  1. Forgot password
  2. Sending Failed
  3. Receiving Failed
  4. Sending email Error code
  5. Backup of the PST
  6. Contacts missing
  7. Email Forwarding
  8. Outlook not responding
  9. Server timed out
  10. Attachments not being uploaded
  11. Unable to Download an attachment
  12. iPhone configuration
  13. Blackberry Configuration
  14. Synchronizing problem
  15. Unable to configure IMAP
  16. Unable to configure POP3

We can help you in creating a new email account as per your requirement and also synchronize it to your favourite gadgets.We have the Experts ready for you to do it. So what are you waiting for call us at 1-845-709-033 and choose your best plan.

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